To get an idea of what you can do with this website, see some examples here or watch some videos.

Facebook login

Login with your Facebook account so you can use the site.

Receive Money

You receive money by asking someone to pay you. You enter the amount you want to receive and the other person scans the generated code with his smartphone.

Pay Others

Fund your account

You currently don't have any money on your account. This is no problem if you only want to receive money in which case you can ask someone to pay you. If you want to be able to pay others you can fund your account with a wire transfer of by credit card.

Install the app on your smartphone

We have an iOS (iPhone, iPad) and an Android version available. The app itself contains a wizard to get you started.

This wizard will initialize your smartphone with your account and ask you to protect your account with a pincode. After that you can scan a code from someone else and pay him.